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Good morning!

Listening to the news could turn a pacifist into a raving war maniac these days.

So, first, I watched the Today Show while eating breakfast, and Jimmy Carter was on. The utter disrespect that Matt Lauer showed him is not even going to be described here, but Carter shot it straight. He said that if Bush wants to save his presidency, telling the truth would be a good start. Carter also has a book out, and surprisingly, the word values is in the title. He feels that over the last few years, there has been a crisis of values in our country, pinpointed by the torture that is going on in prisons around the world. No, not where Americans are being held, but where Americans are doing the torturing.

Then, listening to NPR on my way to work, a story about Guantanamo. Donald Rumsfeld has allowed the UN to go down there to see what is happening. But he pointed out that they will not have the same rights as the International Red Cross. You know, they won't be able to actually TALK TO THE INMATES! They will be taken on a tour, shown the kitchen, they'll talk to officials. Give. Me. A. Break. All you have to do is watch movies to know that a tour of a place can reveal absolutely nothing. There is the question of why such a stipulation would be put in place. Moreover, there is now the question of how exactly we are different from Iraq in the past, Iran, Syria, or North Korea. When we wanted to take a look at their nuclear projects, they said, "Um, no, thanks, we're fine here" And now we're doing the same damned thing.

Finally, there was a story about Harry Reid and his calling of a closed session yesterday. Bill Frist came on and was all pissed off that he had been ambushed. Ambushed?? Then he said, "You know, it's going to be hard to trust Senator Reid now, but i'll try." Oh my GOD. Aren't you under investigation for shady dealings, my friend? Wasn't there a committee set up to explore the causes of the Iraq war EIGHTEEN MONTHS ago? Oh yes, but they have done a bang-up job, haven't they? But you can't trust Harry Reid because he kicked the reporters out. Boy, you really are abused.

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Give 'em hell, Harry!

I was tickled to see that those guys pulled it off. And then to see those smug GOP boys bitching about it... holy shit. They shouldn't HAVE to "hijack" the Senate to get shit done that was already supposed to be done. Take your problems to the SEC, Frist, and see if THEY care.

I've had Carter's book on hold at the library for a while. It still says "on order," do you know if it's come out yet? I read portions of the first chapter online...

I didn't see the interview but Matt Lauer is ALWAYS a prick. What gives?!
I was leaving the house this morning as that interview was beginning (I think my day starts too early *g*)

The bottom line --- Washington has become too politicized and partisan. Both parties are too blame ... I am so cynical when it comes to "career politicians" that I think trading a Republican Pres and Legislature for a Democratic Pres and Legislature would be trading one set of evils for another ...

... but then again, I am a registered Libertarian and have a serious aversion to the Federal gov't, regardless of the party, having too much power. I just don't understand why there can't be a true balance of power .... the fact the legislative sessions can be "hijacked" or that one party could possible control the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches scrares the hell out of me. Clearly, government is no longer about the people or by the people, but about the courrupt individuals on both sides of the aisle who have the money and right friends.