Ladybutt (joriejc2) wrote in 2and4thepublic,

Two movies

There are two movie promos floating around these days. One is for a movie called Jarhead, and one is for a movie called "Get Rich or Die Tryin." I am worried about both of these movies.

I am worried that Jarhead is going to come out with more messages about how glorious the war in Iraq really is. Even if it shows things in a bad's a movie. The characters will look so cool, so heroic...their friendships will be focused on, but the fiction of it all will prevent any very real impact. I hope that this is not a Hollywood version of a recruitment film.

The other movie disturbs me just in its title. Isnt a lot of gang warfare about people who want to get rich or who will die trying? Do we really want to impound that image into peoples' heads?

Has anyone read up on these films? Are my fears unfounded?
Tags: hollywood, movie messages
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Hmmm - "Hollywood recruitment film" - that should be an oxymoron. *crosses fingers* But you're right about the coolness factor - everytime I hear Jamie Foxx say "hoo-rah" I get chills, and kinda want to see the movie.

Unfortunately, I think Hollywood has only one main demographic target - kids who spend money at malls, and your fears are probably at least partially realistic.

On the upside, 'Doom' is doing poorly, I hear. is where I go to read about movies...