the1pickle (the1pickle) wrote in 2and4thepublic,

Letter to World Vision

You see, I have seen your ads on TV requesting everyone who cares about children to give to your foundation. Countless people say “As a parent…” they can’t handle what they see and don’t hesitate to dontae. But what I am curious about is why World Vision spends so much time helping people all the way around the world when our own country is in need of that help? Not to say that those people you DO help aren’t needing it, aren’t worthy. But what about the little girl that sleeps in a box? What about the man that wonders the streets desperately looking for a scrap of food and a dry warm place to rest. Our laws prevent these people from sleeping on public benches because it makes our city look bad. So they have to stay up all night and try to find a place to sleep during the day, when places that can shelter them are open.

You call yourself WORLD VISION, why is it you don’t look at your own home and help us?
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