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Okay ... I must admit that I am little skeptical about this bird flu pandemic. I know that the speculation is pretty scary and I admit that I am not well educated in this area, but the timing of all of this just seems a little suspect to me.

If this is such an issue, then surely places like the NIH and CDC have been researching and publishing on this topic. It would seem that pharmaceutical companies would have jumped on this because any company with the vaccine stands to make a ton of money.

Yet, we're just now hearing about it? Bush is making this his focus? To me, it smells a little like a "wag the dog" scenario. Bush's popularity is at an all time low, as is the support for the war, and so it appears suspect to me that we are possibly on the precipice of a pandemic.

Am I a horrible person for doubting the seriousness of this flu? Have I become too cynical?
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