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My letter for today

Dear Mr. President,

I really wish I could convince you to watch shows like Meet the Press. I know that they are a part of the liberal media conspiracy, but occasionally your buddies are on there, and occasionally they give advice that you should really really follow. Case in point. Yesterday on Meet The Press there was a discussion about your second term and how you should handle the new Supreme Court choice. It was noted that you had a chance to try to put a dent in the bipartisan polarization that has been taking place in Washington and across this country. It was pointed out that the main problem most people had with Harriet Miers is that she was simply not qualified for the job. As news started pouring out about her desire to stamp out Roe V. Wade, most of your cronies felt pretty ok with her, and then of course there was the leak about her membership in an evangelical church.

Anyway, Mr. President, it was pointed out that now was your chance to give your party tough love. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You could have chosen someone that the Democrats could have lived with, that the Republicans could have lived with, although the most radical on both sides would have had issues. Instead, who did you choose? You chose someone who, many experts believe, would have no qualms about stamping out Roe v. Wade. You have a man who presided over a case involving a company in which he himself held stock. Why? You are hanging on to your advisors despite pressure to let them go. Aren't they advising you? Would it be so terrible to take a step away from creating diametrically opposed arguments for once? What exactly are you aiming for? Are you hoping that Congress gets embroiled in a battle so that you can sneak away and start a war in Syria or Iran? I know that sounds crazy, sir, but at this point, it's hard to know where your games will end.

You had a chance to put an endgame on the table. You had a chance to preserve your legacy, what's left of it, by making a difficult yet smart decision regarding your next choice for Supreme Court Justice. You failed. I just hope things don't end up as badly as I am thinking they will.
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